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Updated info for, including location of, Chabad Kiddie Camp
posted: 9/12/2018

Once again welcome to Chabad Kiddie Camp of Teaneck!

Chabad Kiddie Camp update for the summer of 2019.
Camp will be June 25- August 15 - which is 8 weeks,
The camp tuition is $2450 for the entire summer or $475 per week (4 week minimum) if not registering for the entire summer.
$250 deposit guarantees your child's spot. That $250 is deducted from the camp tuition.
Ages - Boys 2.5-6.5    Girls 2.5-9
Camp registration and medical forms can be found on our website In order to lock in a place for your child you must send in a deposit. When your deposit is received you will receive immediate confirmation that your child has a place in camp. When we fill up there will be a waiting list, please don't wait and have the camp close out before your child is registered.
Camp details -
If you are looking for more than a backyard camp for your preschool age child but would like a local location 5-10 minutes from your home...If you are looking for a camp that is licensed by the state of NJ, a camp where every senior counselor is an adult over the age of 18 who has been background checked and fingerprinted, where the counselor/camper ratio is 1/6, a camp imbued with Judaism and Jewish themes...then Chabad Kiddie Camp is for you.

We are very happy to announce our facility for the summer - we will be back at the Maayanot High School in Teaneck.

Maayanot has large, open, airy and spacious classrooms, a large gymnasium, as well as outdoor areas to play. Swimming will be in the Bogota Swim Club swimming pool. Swimming lessons will be twice a week and free of charge. The pool area has a playground as well as a kiddie pool, in addition to the regular pool. Swimming is only for ages 4-8. Ages 2.5-3 will have water activities at the camp site.

We are dedicated to ensure the camp is the best possible experience for your child.

Some other updates -
Along with our specialists Wacky Science, Fun with Food, Music, Art, Sports, we will have several new specialists we currently working on and more information will be coming soon along those lines.
We will be improving our water activities for ages 2-3 as well as for the kids ages 4 and up who go swimming for the times they aren't swimming.
Once again, as last year, all trips will come to camp. We will have jugglers, magicians, face painters, and other FUN "trips" once a week. To enable your child to get the most out of camp, instead of going on a hot school bus every week and spend travel time cooped up in the bus, every trip will come to camp. This was a tremendous success last year and this year we will have many new "trips."
Children ages 6 and up will be going on field trips once a week!

The camp hours are 9:30am-3:30pm and 2:00pm pick up on Fridays. We are offering extended care on Monday through Thursday, drop-off at 8:30 and for an additional $25 per week per child. This covers early Friday drop-off as well, but Friday pickup must be at 2:00pm. We don't have extended care for Friday pickup.

Our optional lunch program will be a catered lunch every day of the week for an additional cost of $450 for the entire summer, there will be a hot meal 3x a week including Friday which will be Pizza day!
If you do not want to sign up for the lunch program you do have the option of packing your child's lunch.

We only have room for 130 campers and we will fill up. Your child is only registered with a deposit. Sending in the forms does not automatically register your child, only a deposit accomplishes that. Once camp is filled we will have a waiting list. If you would like to register for camp or to find out more about our camp go to our website
To register for camp please download the PDF forms on the website or e-mail us and we can send you a form via e-mail or regular mail and you can send that back via regular mail. You can send a deposit through the payment form on the website or through a check in the mail. You can no longer register via the online registration form.
VERY IMPORTANT - When you are looking for a camp for your child here are some of the questions you should be asking -
Is the camp insured with a professional insurance company and is there a specific liability policy for the camp.
Is the camp registered and licenced with the state of NJ. Ask to see proof of this. This is very crucial on many levels. The state demands are arduous and plentiful but the vast majority of them are in place to ensure the safety and well being of your child, make sure your child's camp is complying with them. When you are registered with the state the state does inspect the camp to ensure everything is as it should be and all regulations are followed. Our camp received the highest marks on every inspection for the past five years.
If the camp is not registered with the state, make no mistake, it can be shut down by the state or local authorities at anytime.
What is the counselor/camper ratio?
Is there at least one, if not two adults counselors in every group. Is every counselor trained in CPR and first aid.
Does the camp have a dedicated camp nurse who is there full time every day and has no other job? Who is trained in health care level first aid and CPR.
Does that camp have a an emergency action plan? A fire escape plan posted in every classroom?
Is the camp responsive to parents and issues that may arise?
How many lifeguards are on duty during swimming?
Does the camp have a relationship with a local pediatrician? In writing? Ask for proof of this.
Please compare apples to apples when shopping around for camp for your child, there are lots of camp out there but very few can answer all of the above questions in the manner that I believe you would like them to be answered. I truly believe that we can. There are cheaper camps out there, but there are none as dedicated and devoted to the safety of your child and the quality and professionalism of camp as we are.
If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail at anytime and feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone interested in a summer camp for their child ages 2.5 - 9.
Looking forward to a wonderful summer,

Rabbi Ephraim Simon
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